Tips to Find Right Paying Guest Accommodation

  • By Admin
  • 23 Jun 2016

Most of the people, especially youngsters, are stepping out of their homes to explore better career opportunities in todays fast paced world. Getting out of your comfort zone, interacting with unknown people and exploring the necessities on your own can give a headache to anyone. But, the thought of finding a suitable Paying Guest Accommodation in an unknown city or state might seem as an absolute nightmare.

Budget and Needs:-

The first and foremost step before starting your desirable PG search is to note down your exact needs like location, features to help you make the budget. Take a pen- notepad and write down all the things you want in your PG.

Online PG Search :-

Make good use of technology to start your PG accommodation search online. There are a number of real estate websites to help you find the best PG nearby your college or office. Some sites even allow you to post your requirements and interact with agents or owners.

An Agent with Multiple Options:-

It is a good idea to find an active agent in the area of your choice. Do not engage with more than two agents, but make sure to go through multiple options shown by the agent. Usually, the fee charged by agents is less than or equal to a months rent.

Location and Transport:-

Do you really want to spend hours driving to reach your office/college every day? If the PG best fitting your needs and budget is located far away from your office, try finding another one because it is best to live in the same or adjoining area as that of your office. You will be able to cut down on the fuel expenses.

Security and Surroundings:-

Do not trust every word coming out of the mouth of owner blindly. Do your own background check before finalizing the place. Hospitals, general stores, restaurants, petrol pumps and other basic necessities should be near your PG. It is best if the PG is surrounded by residential houses.

Room :-

Check for the windows, bathrooms, leaks or construction faults in the room. Make sure to ask questions about the water and electricity supply. Clarify beforehand if the usage of electricity appliances is allowed or not. Some PG accommodation centers promise internet connectivity. Check the connection and ask for hidden additional costs too.

Food :

Make sure to ask the owner about the food serving, time and quality. If you take meals at a specific time, mention that to the owner. Do they offer only vegetarian dishes or non-vegetarian too? Ask all the questions that matter before hand. Make sure the food served is hygienic.

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