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We at Addo Luxuria, aim to reinterpret the tradition of hospitality in a refreshingly modern way to create unique experiences for students and lifelong memories to cherish throughout. Schooling and college life, we believe plays an important role in the lifecycle of an individual, and we strive to create a home away from home for you, paying fastidious attention to detail to all requirements of students. We are of the firm opinion that students should work hard and play hard. Relax and Rejuvenate. Cogitate and confer. Evolve and transform. Revel in a spirit that presents the normal with an unexpected twist. Stylish and sophisticated, Addo Luxuria delivers experiences with imagination, energy and efficiency. Luxury living awaits you....

Inspiration for addo''

Schooling and college life is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. It is something that happens to decide our future course and helps us evolve as a person to a great extent. It was disheartening to notice that while there are a plethora of hostels out there, none of them strive to create a congenial atmosphere for students to cherish this phase in their lives. While living away from home itself leaves one harrowed, the lack of a supportive environment just makes it worse.

The holy grail for Addo is to revolutionise the staying experience for students, to deliver exceptional luxury living at reasonable prices, to provide the best amenities and impeccable services like high speed wi-fi, gaming room, gym, rooftop restaurant and the most important- an array of culinary memories in mesmeric settings, relish a wide variety of scrumptious food, from the authentic local food from various parts of Delhi to the global cuisine or in-fact even savour home-cooked flavours, we have delectable food for every palate, all of it crafted to perfection by outstanding chefs, which will no longer make you miss the most sought-after 'ghar ka khaana'. A zesty, chic and vibrant take on hospitality awaits you. Come, explore a vivacious, palatial and invigorating stay and make schooling and college life an experience like never before.

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